I saw Santa!!

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Well, folks, I always heard the rumor – whispers around this time of year about a man in a red suit bringing presents – but I never believed it until now! I SAW SANTA!!! Yep, that’s right, me, little Lady from Georgia saw the one, the only Santa Claus. AND I got to sit on his lap. But I’ve gotten ahead of myself.  This is how the day went…

Bella and Toby in the front seat.

Bella and Toby in the front seat.

Mom arranged with Bella’s mom to go to a pet store, and at the last minute she decided to include The Orange One – Toby. Hmmm, we still getting used to each other. Well I had know idea what was going on. We piled into the car,  and away we went!

Bella got to ride in the front seat, Toby climbed all over the place and I had to sit in the back seat BY MYSELF!

Me, all alone in the backseat.

Me, all alone in the backseat.

I can tell you I wasn’t happy about being alone in the back seat. I kept barking my disapproval. But mom kept on driving. 

The next surprise came when we turned onto Granmama’s street, and then I saw her house!

This is my granmama! I'm so happy you're here!

This is my granmama! I’m so happy you’re here!

I was happy at first because I thought I would get to see her and then I got worried because I thought mom might leave me to dog-sit Buddy. But I was wrongly-happy! Granmama got into the car with us! Yeah! I was no longer alone in the back seat!

So off we went. We drove and drove and drove. Finally we got to the pet store! Granmama had me, mom had Toby and Bella’s mom had, well, Bella. Mom put me and Toby into a shopping cart and pushed us around.

Do you see HOW much bigger Toby is than me!?!

Do you see HOW much bigger Toby is than me!?!

She sounded a little upset because she couldn’t find something but I don’t know what it was. Anyway, we walked around a little while, Toby jumped out and tried to climb up behind some big dog food bags. Boy was it funny watching mom pull him out of there! But she held him a while so he settled down. I, of course, was the perfect angel, giving mom absolutely no problems! Anyway, we soon got back in the car and started driving again.

Pretty soon we stopped, got out of the car, went into another pet store and mom got mad this time! Whew! She was really upset about something, she fussed at everybody but then after we got back in the car, she said she was sorry. I gave her a lick on the cheek to let her know it was alright. 

Off we go again! This time another pet store and just Bella’s mom got out, went inside, came back and said “He’s here!” Who’s here? Who are they talking about? Well, we go inside and there he is!

Bella and Santa

Bella and Santa

SANTA CLAUS!!! Mom brought me here to see Santa!! Bella went first since she was the first in the door!

So while Bella was getting her photo taken, mom made me put on a Santa outfit.

Dressed and ready for Santa.

Dressed and ready for Santa.

I have to admit, I do look cute!

After Bella came another couple of dogs (they snuck in while I was getting dressed) and Toby was getting antsy again. This time he hopped out of the cart and tried to hide under Santa’s table. After a couple of attempts, mom just left him there until it was his turn. 

Finally it was my turn!

Santa's elf primping his beard and glasses.

Santa’s elf primping his beard and glasses.

I waited patiently in Santa’s arms until the elf took the picture.

Patience is my virtue.

Patience is my virtue.

(See final results below!)

Then mom pulled Toby out from under the table and it was his turn! He was not happy at all. It took the elf lots of pictures to get his final one, and it only took me one!

Silly Toby, he's not even looking at the camera!

Silly Toby, he’s not even looking at the camera!

Anyway, I have gone on way too long! I won’t tell you what I asked Santa to bring me on Christmas. But I will let you know if I get it!

Granmama telling me what a good job of posing I did.

Granmama telling me what a good job of posing I did.









 I hope everybody has a very Merry Christmas!

The Beautiful One

The Beautiful One

The Orange One

The Orange One

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