I play hide and seek with mom!

Earlier tonight my mom was busy on the computer (as usual) not paying me any attention so I thought I would play a trick on her! 

Where is Lady?

Where is Lady?

During a break she turned around in her chair to pet me and I wasn’t there! She started calling my name: “Lady! Lady! Where are you?” I just stayed very still and didn’t say anything. 

She went looking for me in the living room and couldn’t find me! She went looking for me in the kitchen and I wasn’t there.

Where did mom find me?

Here I am!

Here I am!

Mom found me under the blanket! I got into bed and pulled the covers completely over my head!

Ha Ha! it was so funny to see her so worried!

But really, I buried myself under the blanket because I was cold. The heater was on low and I got really chilly so Rhino and I buried ourselves and went to sleep. Scaring Mom was just a bonus!

Mom, you're letting the cold in!

Mom, you’re letting the cold in!

Tomorrow we go to Granmama’s! I’m so excited! I haven’t seen her for four days! Yeah! See you next time!

Barkingly yours,