I want some pork!

Well I got to visit my Granmama on Saturday and we had a surprise (to me & mom) visit from my Aunty. At first I didn’t recognize her so I barked a lot but after we all (me, mom & Aunty) barked and howled together I remembered her and was very happy to see her.

Gee, mom, these treats are very chewy.

Gee, mom, these treats are very chewy.

For supper, I had to eat dog food while everybody else got pork chops (sad face).

After mom was finished I could still smell the sweet aroma of pork – mmmm – 

It smells sooooo wonderful!

It smells sooooo wonderful!

But mom said no – But when she wasn’t looking I tried to sneak a piece for myself.

If I just stretch my neck a little bit more...

If I just stretch my neck a little bit more…

Eventually my big brown eyes got to mom and she let Granmama give me a piece of pork. It was delicious!

Guess where I am going in just 2 more weeks? The World of Pets Expo! I am so excited!  There’s going to be exhibits of all kinds of pets, a fancy mouse show 

Fancy Mice (which is just like a cat or dog show), and Dock Dogs are going to be there, too! There’s also going to be a pet beauty show – mom said she’s going to try make me something to wear so I can enter! you know I’ll have plenty of pictures to share!

Click Here To Enter

See you next time!  Barkingly yours, LadyBird






4 thoughts on “I want some pork!

  1. That piece of pork must have been real tasty. And the expo sounds super fun. I’ve never heard of mouse shows!!! Should be interesting. I’m afraid I can’t be around mice…I think I’d just chase after them.


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