I went to the doctor.

Well, folks, I was not expecting this. Mom surprised me – I thought we were going to Granmama’s like we do every Saturday.

Let's go to G's!

Let’s go to G’s!

I wondered what was going on when we pulled into the Pet Supplies Plus parking lot – turns out they have a clinic where you can see a doctor for the basics like flea meds and such. PAWS Vet Clinic

I weigh what?

I weigh what?

After we checked in, the nurse lady put me on the scales – I weigh 8 pounds! Then we had to wait behind 2 cats and a westie – I was really nervous.

I'm so nervous.

I’m so nervous.

Then they called my name! Oh, no! What now?

Someone rescue me,  please!

Someone rescue me, please!

Next thing I knew I was on a metal table and this man was touching me all over – he looked at my teeth and listened to my heart. Then – oh horrors! – he took a NEEDLE and gave me SHOT!



Ouch! It hurt! (It was a rabies shot.) And if that wasn’t bad enough the nurses clipped my nails! oh would this never end?

Why do my nails grow so fast!

Why do my nails grow so fast!

And, then, it was over, whew! Mom was carrying me back to our car. When we got settled, mom loved me all over and said I deserved some whipped cream.

Mmmm, Puppy Latte!

Mmmm, Puppy Latte!

So we headed on over to Starbucks and got me a Puppy Latte! All was forgiven as  I slurped down the whipped cream. I love my mom again. 

See you next time!

Barkingly yours, LadyBird

I think I can get the last little bit right here in the corner!

I think I can get the last little bit right here in the corner!

Product placement here!

Product placement here!



8 thoughts on “I went to the doctor.

  1. I think a burger would have been a better apology for your Mom’s dirty trick than a latte. The NERVE of misleading you into thinking you were going to Grandma’s!


  2. Ugh I hate it when the humans trick us like this! But getting your rabies is something that needs to get done. You’re lucky you get a puppy-latte! I only get pets and small liver treats after vet visits. 😦


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