I want to say Happy Birthday to…

Dr. Seuss!!  It’s also my mom’s birthday, but since her party is later this week, I will write about her later. Thanks to three of my blog pals – Bailey the chihuahua, over at Bailey Unleashed and Wally and Ernie, over at The Island Cats I found out today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday! I love his books – their funny and nonsensical – my favorite kind of writing! Anyway, mom decided to celebrate his birthday by taking photos of me in front of two of his many books. She also played around with some clip art to make the impromptu photo session more celebratory. Oh, and by the way, she bribed me with a treat (only one! bad momma!). Enjoy the photos!!


dr-seuss-character-clip-art-homeindexpageThanks, Dr. Seuss for all the wonderful books and rhymes you wrote and all the joy you brought to children of all ages.  I hope in your heaven you are reading stories to all the children who passed too early, bringing them joy until their parents can join them. 

Barkingly yours, 








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