I met a cat named Jack…

So this past Saturday me and mom and Granmama went to North Carolina to visit Auntie and to celebrate their birthdays (mom & Auntie’s). 101_2202It was a nice drive; I kept watch the whole way to make sure mom didn’t get lost.101_2203





We watched a movieGuardians of the Galaxy which was pretty funny, ate yummy pizza – well, I didn’t get any yummy pizza (bad momma!) 101_2216– and skyped with my cousin in California. 101_2246





But the highlight of the day wasn’t the yummy birthday cake (again, I didn’t get any – double-bad momma!) or the presents mom and Auntie received.

101_2217 jack

The highlight of my day was meeting Auntie’s cat Jack. Now, I am intimidated by very few creatures, cats are the least of my worries. But there I was, minding my own business when this big grey, gold-eyed monster came into the room. At first he didn’t see me – but when he did — oh, did he make me tremble! 101_2218He gave me such a   stink-eye that I was actually scared! He perched on the other side of the room and looked like he was going to take a leap at me and I was thoroughly convinced he would be able to cover the distance in a single jump!101_2219 He looked at me so hard that I had to turn my head – you know they say you should never make eye contact with a terrible beast so I looked away hoping he would leave me alone.101_2224 Once he realized he had me in my place with his stink-eye look, he was satisfied and left me alone. 101_2220Whew! I was relieved that I was going to live to see another day.101_2222






Later on Mom and me went outside – Auntie lives on the water and I got to peek at the mirror like surface of the canal behind her house – it was funny – I scared mom! 101_2227I guess she thought I was going to fall into the water! Ha! I wouldn’t be so silly to do that! 101_2230

After I got through with my little look over the edge, I turned around and OH MY GOODNESS! There he was AGAIN! 101_2226That beast Jack towering over me on the dock. I was really scared! 101_2225






And, because mom was worried I would get really afraid and run off the dock by accident, she swooped me up and took me back into the house! Of course, when I was safe in her arms, I let Jack know what I thought of his mean ol’ stink-eye! (He ignored me and walked off.) What an adventure! I hope not to meet up with him for a while. 101_2214In spite of the Beast, I had a nice day – any day with mom by my side is a nice day!! The weather is supposed to be warmer this weekend so she is promising me a new place to visit – I can’t wait to see what it is and to tell you all about it! Till next time!, I am

Barkingly Yours, LadyBird


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