I got put in jail!

Well, I don’t know about my mom sometimes – she took me to the park and I was enjoying myself, park 6

sniffing the bushespark 8

when she puts me on top of this platform thingy – why I don’t know – 101_2294

and then she tries to get me to come over to the edge. Well, next thing I knew, I was behind bars!101_2295

Yep – I was in jail! I couldn’t believe it! What did I do to deserve such treatment? Did I bark too loud at the people on the road? Did I try to eat the big birds that were nearby? 101_2296

Finally she released me and let me go back to doing what I like best – sniff!101_2297

I still don’t know what all of that was about. Next time she takes me to the park, I’ll be sure to mind my manners!101_2043

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