I am a natural, if reluctant, model

Tonight I thought I would share with you the out-takes of my St. Patty’s Day photo shoot.  If you don’t remember what it looked like, here it is: 

I look great, don’t I?  Well it wasn’t easy. No, I’m not talking about the work mom put into it greening it up. I’m talking about the work I put in to posing.

First mom had a friend hold me so I could pose.  I didn’t like that at all.

What am I, a doll?

What am I, a doll?

You do realize I can stand on my own?

You do realize I can stand on my own?

Then when I could finally stand on my own 4 feet, I wasn’t in the mood to pose. But finally I relented and held the pose you see on my St Pat’s greeting. I could take a beautiful photo anytime I want to; but I think it’s fun to make mom work for it!


If I have to pose with this crazy bow tie, I guess I can.


I am so bored!


Almost there, but not quite.