I am enjoying the spring warmth!!

The way the weather is going around here is we get one or two days of warmth and two or three days of cold! Bella’s mom set up a canvas gazebo outside and set up chairs underneath it so all of us could enjoy the warmth! (Of course it was cold the next day!!) Bella spends most of her time chasing me around, Toby spends most of his time eating grass, and I spend most of my time running around barking. Mom didn’t get any of pictures of us doing that stuff; she just got us all relaxing. Mom did get a photo of me in my favorite spot – her lap! The pink thing I’m looking in is a bucket-thing that mom uses to carry out her phone, camera, drink and snacks in – and maybe a book, but we don’t let her read much. I was trying to get to the string cheese wrappers she had in there. I was not successful (bummer). Expect more pictures of us outside!! 

Barkingly yours,  LadyBird


My favorite place to be - mom's lap!

My favorite place to be – mom’s lap!


Don’t I look pretty with all the pretty flowers (mom says weeds).

Mom's pink bucket-thingy. Where's the cheese? I smell it but I don't see it!

Mom’s pink bucket-thingy. Where’s the cheese? I smell it but I don’t see it!

Bella relaxing...

Bella relaxing…

Just chillin'...

Just chillin’…



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