I am sharing my blog today… (Because it’s International Box Day!)

I am sharing my blog today with Toby. Why? you ask? Because it is International Box Day and a lot of Toby’s blog pals are celebrating because there seems to be something about Felines and Boxes. I don’t know what that’s all about, boxes are meaningless to me. So here’s Toby!!! (Notice the box contains a carpet cleaner just for pets!!! Who do you think throws up all the time? Not me!!)

toby in a box ctoby in a box b

toby in a box a

International Box Day 2015 BADGE (small)

Please go here for more fun with boxes!

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Marty the Manx2

The Cat on My Head

The Island Cats

Sparkle Cat

And just remind you who I am, here’s a beautiful picture of me sporting a new collar! I’ll post about that tomorrow!

I'm dreaming of seeing my Granmama!!

I’m dreaming of seeing my Granmama!!

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