I hate hot weather almost as much as I hate cold weather!

You would think that being from Georgia I would be used to hot weather. Well, I mat be used to it but I sure don’t like it! Hot weather means me and mom don’t get to visit with Bella that much because its too hot to sit outside. Hot weather means fleas. Hot weather means I stuck at home when mom runs her errands. Some days its so hot she won’t even let me do my sniff-sniff around the yard! Hot weather also means that when I do get to go with mom she runs the air conditioning instead of having the windows rolled down. Oh well, this too shall pass! Just to remind you about hot weather I am posting an infographic from the ASPCA. Let’s be safe out there everyone!  Pantingly yours, LadyBird

hot-cars-infographic-061815 pets-in-hot-cars-1

And finally one of me. It shows you how hot I was! After mom took this picture we sat down for awhile and she gave me some water to cool off. Tomorrow I will show you the bridge lift! it was so cool! Bye until then!!

 I was so hot when mom took this photo! She got me in the shade for some water and into a cool car!!