Heaven has another new angel

Folks, I am sad today. My Granmama lost her beloved Koal this morning. He was a big bear of a cat, solid black and full of personality. Koal turned up on G’s doorstep – literally – with his mom and 4 brothers. Back in 2002 when mom was living with G, she opened the door in the morning to get the morning paper and there they were- a momma cat with 5 kittens. She figured them to be about 3 weeks old as their eyes were open (barely). She and G never figured out how they came to be on the porch but the momma cat was really friendly, so of course, being the animal loving humans they are, mom and G took them in. They named the momma cat Ali (after the Aleska Resort in Alaska – they had just come back from a vacation there), the kittens were named Koal, Moose, Frankie (G kept these¬† 3), Jade and Armand (Auntie took these two). Of the cat family, only Frankie and Moose are left. All the others are angels. I am sure Piper met Koal at the Bridge and helped him find his brothers and momma. I didn’t know Koal very well, but his passing makes my Granmama very sad so I am very sad, too. Good-bye sweet Koal. We will miss you.¬† Sadfully yours, LadyBird

koal b

koal c

koal a

My Sunday Selfie I took on the way to Granmama's this morning.

My Sunday Selfie I took on the way to Granmama’s this morning.

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