Heaven has another new angel

Folks, I am sad today. My Granmama lost her beloved Koal this morning. He was a big bear of a cat, solid black and full of personality. Koal turned up on G’s doorstep – literally – with his mom and 4 brothers. Back in 2002 when mom was living with G, she opened the door in the morning to get the morning paper and there they were- a momma cat with 5 kittens. She figured them to be about 3 weeks old as their eyes were open (barely). She and G never figured out how they came to be on the porch but the momma cat was really friendly, so of course, being the animal loving humans they are, mom and G took them in. They named the momma cat Ali (after the Aleska Resort in Alaska – they had just come back from a vacation there), the kittens were named Koal, Moose, Frankie (G kept these  3), Jade and Armand (Auntie took these two). Of the cat family, only Frankie and Moose are left. All the others are angels. I am sure Piper met Koal at the Bridge and helped him find his brothers and momma. I didn’t know Koal very well, but his passing makes my Granmama very sad so I am very sad, too. Good-bye sweet Koal. We will miss you.  Sadfully yours, LadyBird

koal b

koal c

koal a

My Sunday Selfie I took on the way to Granmama's this morning.

My Sunday Selfie I took on the way to Granmama’s this morning.

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6 thoughts on “Heaven has another new angel

  1. What a gorgeous Man Cat Koal was! We sends your Granmama’ love and kisses and LadyBird, mes sure yous warmed to cockles of her heart when yous went to visit.

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  2. Thank you so much for all your sweet and kind thoughts about Koal. He was and will always be a special part of my life. Why he and his family-Ally, Moose, Jade, Armond and Frankie were left on our porch we will never know but they bought much joy and love to our home. We love you Koal.

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