No you’re NOT!!

LadyBird here – I’m not back full steam yet but I figured I’d better lay claim to my blog before Toby takes it over completely! That Toby! He’s such a fiend sometimes! He’s even eating the special food mom got me for my convalescence! And, now, taking over my blog, as if! I’m not up to a full post but the news is good – the Doc called today saying the tumor was benign – Yea! – and the removal was clean so there should be no more.  Now it will just take time for me to recover. So until I’m up to a full posting schedule, Toby can SHARE my blog – but it goes back to my title and he canNOT change anything. Convalescencingly yours, LadyBird

In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, Mom made this  – Jack and Buddy are in it as well! Also linking to Caturday Art!!!

  Athena & Marie – It’s a Blog Hop!!

Talk Like A Pirate Day Badge 9.19.2015

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