Happy Birthday Joanie & Sammy!!

I want to wish Happy 10th Birthday to my good friends at 15andmeowing, Joanie & Sammy! Here’s a photo of the pretty kittes I borrowed from their blog followed by my card to them! Hope you both got great presents!!! Did you make a wish when you blew out the candles? I hope you enjoyed your day!!!  Wishingly yours, LadyBird   P.S. It’s also my Gottcha Day, but I’ll talk about that tomorrow!!



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One thought on “Happy Birthday Joanie & Sammy!!

  1. Awwww….thank you LadyBird you are very sweet. Joanie and Sammy love the card you made for them. And Happy Gotcha Day- I can’t wait to hear about it. I am glad you gotcha’d a great home. XO


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