I’m sorry I haven’t been posting . .

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting – my typist has been very busy with her main work, overtime and then she has a second job now so that means less time doing the things I want her to do. At least with her second job she works from home (computer work) so I still get to see her. Anyway maybe when she gets her act together mom will start posting everything I want done. Here’s the update on me: I got a new bed – Simon peed on my old one (the one I brought with me from Georgia) not once, not twice, but three times. After the third time mom said the bed wouldn’t survive another trip through the washing machine so she threw it away. I had that bed for years and was sorry to see it go. My new one is very nice and fluffy and I like it a lot. (Simon’s due for a visit to the vet – lucky him!!) Mom says I’m doing so well since my Owie Day, its time to go back on my diet. Yuk. That’s really all that’s new!! Tonight she did follow my directions in changing a photo of mine into a submission for Caturday Art! It’s Halloween season so she took the costume she made for me last January and digitally morphed it into a spider-web thingy. Pretty cool, huh? I’ll see you soon!! Barkingly yours, LadyBird

Caturday Art with Athena & Marie!! It’s a Blog Hop!!

halloween lady

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