Nellie came to visit and Halloween safety

I have a photo to post that is of me and my furiend, Nellie. She came to visit my blog the other day – I was soo happy!! I found this photo that mom saved from Nellie’s former blog, The Cat from Hell (her mom’s new blog is: Sxa-nu-xa Speaks) — We love you Nellie!!!  Barkingly yours, LadyBird.Nellie-LadyBirdDisco copy

halloween icon

What a great photo of Nellie and that annoying dawg!! Today, I have for you a poster about Halloween Safety for all you fur-kids out there. Simon and BobbieSue hate Halloween with all the door bell ringing- I love it with all the people visiting. This year I hope mom sits outside with me during trick or treat because last year that dawg barked the whole time! Stay safe out there!! Purringly yours, Toby

halloween pet infographic

toby banner


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