Toby and the 4 Chi’s

Aren't my whiskers gorgeous?

Aren’t my whiskers gorgeous?  And now the 4 Chi’s!!

Barky . . .

Barky . . .

Licky . . .

Licky . . .

Snoozy . . .

Snoozy . . .

and Winky!!!!

and Winky!!!!  And don’t forget ****Turkey Day is almost here!!!****

lady thanksgiving

6 thoughts on “Toby and the 4 Chi’s

    • Oh, good, I was worried. When mom went to the post office she got your postage stamp mixed up with the one for my Granmama’s and she was worried the bar code might keep your card in Virginia Beach and send Granmama’s card to your city!!! I’m so glad two special ladies got their right cards!!


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