Warning: tears on the way

We are rapidly coming up to the end of the year – the time when most, if not all, humans review the previous year, sometimes with joy, sometimes with tears. I’m going to post a brief retrospective tomorrow night on my fursister, LadyBird. I’m sure my humom/typist will be shedding a few tears while taking dictation. I don’t want to make anyone sad but I am learning that part of the healing process is to talk about what has you so grieved. So, just wanted to warn you, you may want to skip tomorrow’s post. 😦 Toby

LadyBird & Toby 121815

This is our last photo together, taken the day before she left us. LadyBird looks tired, doesn’t she?  Even though we weren’t the best of friends I sure love and miss that smelly little dawg.


Thank you Ann of Zooaltry for this beautiful badge


Christmas costumes??

Hello all! The day before Christmas mom decided me and Simon needed to look more “Christmasy” (BobbieSue wisely decided to disappear during this adventure!). Simon only had the costume on for a minute – I had to suffer longer. Curse my willingness to do whatever my mom wants! If only I wasn’t so nice and loving!! Oh well, it is a burden I must bear (bare?). . . and I do so handsomely, don’t you think?  Purringly yours, Toby


Simon looks pretty good, but he hates the camera!!


Really, mom? You think this is cute??


What is this thing, anyway???


It’s a WHAT????


I can’t believe you made me pose in a Christmas Tree Skirt! I don’t care if I am cute! You’re loony toons!!!


a2 white icon w toby

Christmas with Cousins

Here are my cousins celebrating Christmas!  I hope you had a great day – we did. My mom was sad because LadyBird wasn’t by her side when she and Granmama went to North Carolina but she still had a good Christmas. We love you all, purringly yours, Toby

buddy reindeer

Is Santa missing a reindeer? If he is, Buddy looks like the Reluctant Reindeer!!


Jack is all decked out with a Christmas Ribbon. He’s a good looking mancat now that he has his winter-fat in place!!!