Diesel crosses the Rainbow Bridge

This is probably old news to most of you, but it is new to us. While reading another blog (and recent new follower – thank you!!!) Little Lord Oscar Dandelion Books, we found out about a brave police dog who lost her life in the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. To honor Diesel, and other police dogs like her, we are reblogging the article here. So many lives, so many tears. We like to believe that Diesel is running free at the Bridge and even though we didn’t know her personally, we know her spirit.  With love, LadyBird and Toby


“Today, a brave police dog died for defending the people from ISIS militants. Diesel the Belgian Shepherd, shown here, is decorated with service medals highlighting a distinguished career.

…a little like losing one of our colleagues. – One of Diesel’s colleagues

“Seven year old Diesel lost her life whilst on duty with the (French) Police Nationale, when a suicide bomber activated her bomb vest at the apartment where the terrorists were hiding as it was searched by the police. Diesel, like other search dogs within the anti-terror RAID unit, are indispensible. Their job is to search for explosives. She had gone on ahead to sniff out booby traps.

“Five days ago – Friday 13th November 2015 – ordinary, innocent people were targeted in Paris attacks. 129 sadly lost their lives.

“You can read more of the article here.”

R.I.P Diesel|Little Lord Oscar Dandelion Books


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