Christmas costumes??

Hello all! The day before Christmas mom decided me and Simon needed to look more “Christmasy” (BobbieSue wisely decided to disappear during this adventure!). Simon only had the costume on for a minute – I had to suffer longer. Curse my willingness to do whatever my mom wants! If only I wasn’t so nice and loving!! Oh well, it is a burden I must bear (bare?). . . and I do so handsomely, don’t you think?  Purringly yours, Toby


Simon looks pretty good, but he hates the camera!!


Really, mom? You think this is cute??


What is this thing, anyway???


It’s a WHAT????


I can’t believe you made me pose in a Christmas Tree Skirt! I don’t care if I am cute! You’re loony toons!!!


a2 white icon w toby

4 thoughts on “Christmas costumes??

  1. Penny thinks you look adorable in that tree skirt. We have some velvet ones that I have made my kitties pose in- those mini tree ones are just the right size for kitties. Simon looks nice too. XO


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