What’s in the big red box?

So mom has been going through this decluttering and inventorying thing and she has been going through her stuff (boy, you humans sure collect a lot of junk!!), organizing some stuff, get rid of the rest. Anyway she had this big red box that I was just dying to get inside. Here’s what happened…oh and because mom is keeping ‘Doggie’ in the title, I’ve included a dawg.  Purringly yours, Toby



So, MOM! What’s in this box? Huh? Treats for me? Toys?


I don’t care what you say – I’m going to get inside to find out!!


Ha!! I’m inside and what do I find???


Can you believe it??? NOTHING! She hadn’t put anything in it yet!!


I’m outta here! See if I snuggle with you tonight!!!


The obligatory dawg…Buddy…he’s really big!!


a2 white icon w toby


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