Warmth and a Good-bye

It’s been cold here in coastal Virginia these last couple of days. Mom set out a heating pad for us to nap on. The photos are below. We also are saying goodbye to a dear friend whom we have been praying for. Enjoy your day – it is, after all, Fridayeve!!!  Love and purrs, Toby

heating pad a

BobbieSue was the first to use the heating pad. The cover, by the way is from Ellen over at 15 and Meowing blog. We won a giveaway; LadyBird used it for a while but mom washed it up  and stuffed the heating pad inside and they love it!!


heating pad b

Simon refused to even wake up for a photo when it was his turn, he loves the heat. He’s kind of old with not much meat on his bones.


heating pad c

And me? I am relegated to the bamboo footstool by mom’s desk. It is my fav scratching post – can’t you tell? but its not as warm as the heating pad. Maybe when Simon and BobbieSue aren’t on the warmth, I will finally get my turn!!!

Sam, Forever

Sam from Jan’s Funny Farm has moved on. His mom and family will miss him and we will miss hearing about him. Be at rest, Sam. We wish you large green fields, blue skies and as many dog treats as you want. Run forever with your friends who went before you. Please click on the picture of Sam if you want to leave a message of love for Jan.


a2 white icon w toby