Distant Cousin Selfies

I asked mom to help me with a selfie this morning but she refused saying she didn’t feel like it. So, instead, I’m featuring selfies from my distant cousins who are waiting for us over the Bridge. Besides, aren’t you getting tired of looking at me?  MOL!  Purrs, Toby


This is Myrddin, its Welsh for Merlin. He was with mom in the early  1980s.



This is Nimue, Welsh for – mom doesn’t remember what. She was Myrddin’s sister.


russell 2b

This is Russell, the second ginger tabby who lived with mom. He was around with Myrddin and Nimue but outlived them by a long time!


apr 27 14ca

Well, you didn’t really expect me to NOT have a photo of me, did you?? MOL


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