Sunday Selfie Quote

I’m combining my Sunday Selfie and my quote from the Three Day Quote Challenge:

taking time

Thank you to 15 and Meowing for challenging me!! Please join me in this challenge!!

ce5df-3-day-quote-challenge  Cat4-001

Go HERE for more photos of Sunday Selfies!!

My girlfriend, Penny, wants to fix BobbieSue up with her brother. BobbieSue is very interested – but as her big brofur, I have to check him out. I’m hoping to meet him soon – after all, he has to meet with my approval before I give the go ahead!! Here’s a selfie of BobbieSue – maybe she’s looking for love?BobbieSue in Bag

aunt uncle

18 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie Quote

  1. How sweet of you to watch out for BobbieSue. Millie is very sweet, he is much bigger than Penny, but he lets her beat him up all the time. He does have quite a love of ladies’ shoes- must be because he has a girl’s name 🙂 Great quote.

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  2. That’s a great quote and to be honest, I live through it…at least I sleep through it 😉
    Purrfect Selfies too. Best way to start when you are little 🙂 We keep your aunt and Uncle in our purrayers. Pawkisses 🙂 ❤


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