To honor a friend

022116cToday I am honoring a friend who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday.  Dylan, an absolutely adorable guinea pig of George’s Guinea Pig World left us to be with his brother Dougall.

After his brother left for the Bridge, Dylan didn’t seem to recover. He missed Dougall so much and although his human took very good care of him and tried to help him, I guess he couldn’t bear to be parted from his best buddy.



Dylan and Dougall


I was introduced to Dylan and his blogging pals during 2015 A to Z challenge last April and have enjoyed reading about him and his other cavy pals. I will miss him a lot.

If you want to leave wheeks of prayers you can click on the link above. Goodbye Dylan, I hope you are having lots of fun with Dougall.


Dylan 11/27/2011 – 2/26/2016

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

021016So, you may remember earlier this week I told you how my (bad) momma let my Valentine from my Lady-Love, Penny, sit in the mailbox for over a week – maybe two weeks. If I had opposable thumbs I would have opened the front door and got the mail myself 2 weeks ago!!! Anyway, BobbieSue and I took selfies with our beautiful valentines.  Thank you again to Penny and Millie.

Here are our wonderful Valentines. Me first, of course!!


Here’s  my Beautiful Penny. Isn’t she gorgeous? Excuse me while I kiss her!


0228bSmooch,  smooch, sm–Hey — what are you doing looking? Turn your head!



Oh, Millie, I LOVE my valentine!!! You are so sweet to have sent it to me!! The picture of you is so handsome. I will treasure it furever.


0228d It’s so wonderful I can’t help but kiss you!!!!!

 They are beautiful portraits!! We love them so much!!


We also received a really cool ball with a bell – my favorite but I couldn’t find it in time for the photo session. Also in the package was a catnip fish – but Simon got a hold of it before BobbieSue had a chance to enjoy it. That’s okay. We told him it was his since he didn’t get a Valentine.

0228eAnd, finally, for some reason Penny and Millie’s mom sent this book to my mom. But I won’t say much about that since this is my blog and not hers!  Hugs and kisses to Penny, Millie and Ellen. We LOVE you!!!

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Polar Caturday Art

It’s National Polar Bear Day and I wanted to remind everybody that unless WE save the Polar Bears TODAY, the next generations of humans, kittens and puppies may not have these majestic creatures. So, enjoy the day, enjoy the art and support THE POLAR BEAR!! Love and pawkisses, Toby


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We’re joining the Caturday Art Blog Hop

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 Caturday Art

Get Crackin’, Toby!!

It’s National Pistachio Day!!! And I’m celebrating!!!!!

pistachio day 1I bet you’re wondering how I squeezed myself into this pistachio!!!


pistachio day 2 Oh, yes, Stephen Colbert, I am wonderful!!!


Gangnam-PistachioNo, I will NOT wear a pistachio on my head and dance Gangnam-style!!

pistachio day 3Get Crackin’, America!!!



February 26th recognizes all things pistachio.  It’s National Pistachio Day!  It is a day that has been set aside for all pistachio lovers to eat their favorite nut all day long.  For those who do not eat pistachios, buy some and give them to someone who does.  Crack them open and eat them up or enjoy them in ice cream or your favorite pistachio dessert!

Pistachios arrived in the United States sometime in the 1880s but they have been cultivated in the Middle East since Biblical times.

The pistachio tree grows to about 20 feet tall needing little or no rain and must have high heat.  In Iran, they claim they have pistachio trees still living that are 700 years old!  A new tree takes between 7 and 10 years to mature and bear fruit.

Pistachio Facts:

  •  All pistachio shells are naturally beige in color.  Some companies dye nuts red or green if nuts are inferior or for consumer demand.
  • California produces about 300 million pounds of pistachios each year, accounting for 98 percent of America’s production.
  • Pistachio shells typically split naturally when ripe.
  • The kernels are often eaten whole, either fresh or roasted and either salted or unsalted.
  • In the Middle East people call the pistachio the smiling nut.
  • In China people call the pistachio the happy nut.

Source: NationalCalendarDay