Quote and more . . .

Here’s my quote for the Three Day Quote Challenge, day three!


Thank you to 15 and Meowing for challenging me!! Please join me in this challenge!!ce5df-3-day-quote-challenge

Now, on to other things . . .


Its February now, the month of sweethearts and candy!! Of course I’m going to take care of my sweetheart, Penny . . .



So I thought I’d let folks know what my favorite Candy is . . pardon me while I finish my bath . . .


my kinda of candy

Yep! That’s right! I’ve already indulged in a few!!!

aunt uncle


3 thoughts on “Quote and more . . .

  1. I LOVE this quote. I am all about decluttering and finally have my husband on board. Toby- you are so adorable and those look like great candies 🙂 Penny sends you a kiss.

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