Happy Birthday, Me!!

toby 1

You may not know this, but I was born on Super Bowl Sunday in 2006 (actual date, February 6th). Now, I don’t follow football so I don’t know who played or who won  then- neither do I know who is playing this year and – to be honest – don’t care who wins this year! But I thought it would be a cool theme for my 10th birthday party!!

So have some eats, play a game or two, and before you leave, be sure to grab a party favor and a badge to post on your blog if you want to!

Let’s Eat!!

the meats

the veg

the sweets


Let’s Play Games!

Pin The Tail on the Cat –

pin the tail on bobbiesue

BobbieSue lost her tail as a kitten – can you help her find it again?

pin the tail on bobbiesue simon

Simon did a pretty good job!

pin the tail on bobbiesue toby

I did a better job!!

Football Toss!

football toss

Wouldn’t you like to win one of these prizes?!?!  prizes

Let’s think! – No, really!!


Did you have fun?  I sure did!!

party favors

party badge 2

Thank you for Coming!!!!!

We’re joining the Cat on My Head Sunday Selfie!!!


Also the Catblogosphere Sunday Blog Links


Here are the answers to Unscramble (any mistakes are not mine but are my typist’s. She will be punished if mistakes are found!!)  🙂

Panthers, Football, Birthday, Broncos, Super Bowl, Lets eat!, Party fun, Take a nap  🙂


36 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Me!!

  1. Happy birthday, Toby! How fun to have a Superbowl themed party regardless of the teams. After all, Superbowl always means great snacks! That’s a beautiful picture of you. Pin the Tail on BobbiSue is so cute! 🙂

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  2. dood ~~~~~~ waves two ewe….R gal pal penny said ya waz havin a partee like non other….. N it waz lastin a month !!!! 🙂 AWESUM……sew we wood like ta introduce R selves; ~~~~~~ waves….itz veree nice two meet ewe, & we wood like two say a most happee birthday two ewe, best fishes, mice creem dishes & happee day wishes ♪♫♪♫♪♫…N we hope de yeer a head is filled with happee ness & health…stop bye trout towne any time; we all wayz haz foodz on de grill 25/8 !! ♥

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  3. Wow! Happy Birthday! Fun pawty! We loves pin the tail games… The Mom hads her pawty this weekend too! We hads fun with the scramble words – til Bootsie rolled over the keyboard and all the letters fell on the floor. Then we played chase the rolling letters! Thanks for the yummy foods! We will helps you clean up today from all the pawty fun!

    Purrz, Katie Too and Bootsie Woo.

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