Where was BobbieSue?

Some of you may have been wondering where BobbieSue was in our selfie practice. She was there – but she really hates the camera so mom has to be really sly about getting her photo.


“What are you guys doing?” She’s always curious about what’s going on but she stays on the outside.



Mom offered the camera for her to take a selfie but she said “No way!”




She did agree to a short cuddle session. This is as close as she’ll let mom get to cuddling her. Head scratches while she keeps her body away so she can run when things get too uncomfortable for her – which usually happens after about 3 or 4 minutes.


One last selfie of me – with my fur color enhanced. In the other photos the bright light washed out my beautiful orange so I want to show you folks I am still a bright orange! I’m not that old yet!!!

anipal appreciation dayIt’s the first Anipal Appreciation Day! Created by Bacon at PigLove with a beautiful Badge created by  Sammy’s mom at onespoiledcat, this is the day we celebrate and share some of the anipal blogs we follow. Enjoy!:


George’s Guinea Pig World I love reading about the antics for these gorgeous babies!

   Three Chatty Cats is all about rescuing cats. They focus on the small cat rescue organizations around the country that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Why Cat Why is a blog that asks ‘Why cats do the things they do.’ It’s a fun blog about our favorite subject!