The Cone of Shame

021816aMy cousin Jack has been a naughty boy. He came in the other day from his daily rounds and he was bleeding from a head wound. (Remember, he lives in North Carolina.) My Auntie asked what he had done to get that head wound but he refused to tell her. She was not happy!

jack injuryApparently it was bleeding so bad his mom (my Auntie) tried to hold a cloth against it to help it clot but he wiggled so much she finally taped the cloth to his head! Don’t worry – he’s a tough young/old bird so he can handle it – it’s just masking tape. Besides she had to send my Uncle out for the proper first aid stuff. He looks pretty miserable, doesn’t he?

jack recoveringPoor guy, he was all tuckered out by the time Auntie was finished with first aid. But the shame is not done. . .

021816fThen, Jack being Jack, refused to leave the wound alone and he kept scratching at it and Auntie was afraid of infection and bleeding and such. so while she sent Uncle out to get the dreaded cone, she taped his paws! If he wasn’t miserable before, he looks even more so now!

021816d“Set me free from this madness!!!!!”

021816gWell, Jack, at least you’re free from the tape madness!!!

021816hI’m really trying not to laugh!!!! Of course he is forbidden from going outside while he heals – I’ll keep you posted with his progress. By the way, Auntie assured me that if the wound was really deep or needed stitches or looked really bad she would have whisked him away to the vet. For now, country medicine is working just fine!!!