California Cousin


Hey, folks!! Since I posted selfies of my cousins Moose and Buddy yesterday, I thought I would give you a new cousin! He used to live here in Coastal Virginia, but now he lives in Coastal California!  I present to you. . .



Cousin Tripp!! Isn’t he cute? I think he’s what they call a Sheltie. This picture is of him when he was younger  – and it looks like a bit cold! 


Here he is with his poppa (my mom’s nephew) on the beach just the other day!! He looks like he’s having a lot of fun.  I wish I was there!! See you tomorrow!!




5 thoughts on “California Cousin

  1. Your cousin is a cutie! Thank you for keeping the badge up for Phoebe. Tomorrow she will have 2 vets listen to her heart., i it sounds good then she will not get the ultrasound. I really think it was the chickory root in some new food we tried. I am hoping that was it. XO PS- you look very handsome and Penny sends you a paw kiss.

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