Bad Momma!!

0224aMOM!  I can’t believe you did what you did! What did you do? You know what you did!! You made me think my Sweet Penny didn’t want me for her Valentine! Sometimes you can be so frustrating!! And BobbieSue! What about her being Millie’s Valentine???

0224cIs it true what Toby says, Mom? Did you really not get the mail out of the mailbox for over a week? Maybe even two weeks?  While our Valentines from our Loves sat in the box all that time? Don’t you care about me us?

0224bToby left in a huff and I’m not even going to look at you for at least 3 minutes!!! 

4485Crying_Lucy2I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to forget your Valentines in the mailbox!!!! I was just lazy!!! (Thank you to Penny and Millie of 15andMeowing for the Valentines. And yes, sometimes I wait as long as 2 weeks to get the mail. It’s a shameful story I won’t go into here. We’ll be posting belated Valentines on Sunday Selfies!!)



3 thoughts on “Bad Momma!!

  1. Don’t be too hard on yous mommy. Ifin a neighbor didn’t offur to be nosy and check our mail, we’s not sre how long it wuld take mommy to actually get out in da cold and check it herself. MOL

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi

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  2. I will check for mail several times a day- it is one of the highlights of my day 🙂 Penny sends you a kiss Toby and your Mom, a hiss. Just kidding about the hiss.


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