To honor a friend

022116cToday I am honoring a friend who crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Friday.  Dylan, an absolutely adorable guinea pig of George’s Guinea Pig World left us to be with his brother Dougall.

After his brother left for the Bridge, Dylan didn’t seem to recover. He missed Dougall so much and although his human took very good care of him and tried to help him, I guess he couldn’t bear to be parted from his best buddy.



Dylan and Dougall


I was introduced to Dylan and his blogging pals during 2015 A to Z challenge last April and have enjoyed reading about him and his other cavy pals. I will miss him a lot.

If you want to leave wheeks of prayers you can click on the link above. Goodbye Dylan, I hope you are having lots of fun with Dougall.


Dylan 11/27/2011 – 2/26/2016


6 thoughts on “To honor a friend

  1. Thank you, from Kevin, Oscar, Midge and Percy, who are all missing Dylan a lot at present. And so am I. Fortunately he and his brother will live on in my books, although I don’t feel like writing anything just now. Time heals everything, almost.
    Thanks so much for your friendship, Sabine ❤


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