Way-Back Wednesday!

Today for Way-back Wednesday, I give you two heart babies – Russell, who was way before me and Agnes, who left us when I was 3. Not only were Agnes and Russell a bonded pair, but they were heart-bonded with my mom (like me!). Now, pardon me while I go back to sleep!!030816c

030916aRussell (orange marm, like me!)came into mom’s life from an abusive household when he was a few years old. He was her only cat for a while, but he always welcomed any cat into mom’s his house.  But the one cat he bonded with was Agnes. I guess he was like her dad.


030916bRussell was 5 years old when Agnes came to live with mom and he lived to be 12; Agnes lived another 8 years beyond that. She never did bond with any other cat (even me!). I remember her as being grumpy but mom said she was ‘cosmic’ – she had one paw in this world and one paw on another plane. Not sure what that means!! But mom still misses them both.

Have a great Wednesday!!

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