Sometimes when in rains, it pours

National-Umbrella-Month-MarchI was casting about for something to post when mom ran across a website that said March is National Umbrella Month and I thought – “Yes! I want to be under an umbrella!!”



And of course, BobbieSue had to follow my lead. . .



And then I read about our dear furriends who are either not feeling well  or have moved on to their forever and I remembered that sometimes when it rains, it pours, but we have been Promised that the Sun will always come out and it will never rain forever.



Please send purrs and prayers to Flynn and Spooky that they will get better soon . . .


And we didn’t know Lexi for very long but we fell in love immediately. Lexi has moved on; please go to the blog she shares with her sisfur, Dezi, if you would like to leave condolences.  We will miss you, sweet Lexi.


3 thoughts on “Sometimes when in rains, it pours

  1. We are sad about Lexi and are praying for Flynn and of course, our Spooky. Thank you for the beautiful badge for Spooky. And you look adorable with your umbrella.

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