Blogging A to Z Theme Reveal!!!

If you remember on Caturday Art I posted three pictures of myself dressed up as famous people. If you forgot, here they are again:

Well the key is they were all Presidents! But wait! There’s more – president’s really aren’t all that interesting by themselves.  But their pets – now that’s something different!! That’s right — my theme is PRESIDENTIAL PETS!!!!!!!

Did you know that of all 44 presidents, there have been over 400 animals/pets in the White House? That’s an amazing factoid isn’t it? Here’s another one: only 1 president had no pets in the White House at all! You’ll have to wait to find out who!

So in my posts here are some things to know:

  1. For ease of posts (after all there are 26 of them) I will follow the same format – you’ll see on the first day.
  2. I use the words “White House” a lot – so I’ve shortened it to “WH” – it’s just easier all around.
  3. I am going to be as accurate as I can with the information I’m going to share – so if I get something wrong, its okay to let me know!
  4.  Where possible I use actual photos of the pets; if I don’t then I’ve pulled some vintage illustrations or photos off the internet.
  5. At the end of the challenge I will post a bibliography of sources I used.
  6. And finally, sometime in May there will be a Reflections post where I will share what I learned on my Presidential Pet journey and give you a short test to see how much you remember! You’ll want to come back for that because the person with the most right answers will get a surprise gift from me!!!

blog az title banner

Here are some Presidential Pets to whet your appetite!!! Do you know who they are and who their President’s are? Don’t know? You’ll have to read the blog posts to find out!!!


spot2 liberty fordKing Timahoe Richard Nixonbuddy 2


tex pony on left jfk

socks podium

sheep wilson

Charlie JFK


See you April 1st for Presidential Pets!!!


purrs and prayers for emmi  Here’s an updated post on Emmi. She still needs our prayers. Emmi’s humans are wonderful dog parents.