The Best Part of Spring

032416aThe Best Part of Spring is I get to go outside!!!


032416cI didn’t get to go in the backyard like I wanted. . .


032416dBut there’s nothing like the warmish /cool air and bright sun that spring is . . .


032416bThat makes me love and appreciate my mom more than ever.




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13 thoughts on “The Best Part of Spring

  1. Oohhh… How WONDERFUL! That green grass and lovely warm sunshine looks fantastic. Here we still have some snow on the ground and the last time I saw it – which was last week before the Nor’easter – the grass wasn’t lookin’ so hot. Kind of brown and icky and not green at all. MOUSES!


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  2. You look like you very much enjoy being outside. We are jealous – we wish we could go outside! We (Dragonheart and Merlin) used to go out in our Garten in Germany, on our harnesses, but we aren’t allowed to here.


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