Gearing up for A to Z

032916aI’m getting myself all spiffed up for the A to Z Challenge which starts this Friday!!!


032916bI’ve done my research and I’m ready!!! Just gotta get the furs ready!!!


032916cAnd get plenty of rest for the long haul!!


Brody, healing of his spiritI created this special badge for Brody, the new rescued kitty over at 15 and Meowing. He’s having a little trouble adjusting to the concept of kind humans. We want to remember him in prayer that his hurt soul and broken spirit will heal and that he learns to love and trust humans. Please go HERE to read more about him.



cbBadgeBlack300x300 Click HERE for more Kitty Fun!!!

9 thoughts on “Gearing up for A to Z

  1. Thank you for the beautiful badge you made for Brody. I hope everyone’s prayers will help him to trust. No matter what, he is here to stay. We are excited about the A-Z challenge too. XO


  2. You’re looking mighty handsome, Toby! And, we’re sending lots of purrs and prayers to Brody. He has a great home with an amazing mom, and we hope that, with a little time and patience, he’ll realize that and come out of his shell. Purrs!


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