One more day to go!!!


A2Z-BADGE [2016]One more day to go! I’ve done my reading, researching and scanning! I’m ready to go – so I’m resting up until tomorrow when the Blogging A to Z Challenge begins!! My regular posts will go on hiatus during April – but I’ll be giving Simon and BobbieSue control over Sunday Selfies so you’ll still see them. Also, there are a few Special Days they’ll be in charge of posting. We’ll all come back together in May! See you tomorrow for your first lesson in Presidential Pets!!



jaffa come home

Please pray for  Jaffa – he is missing from his home and his cat, dog and human family miss him. Please click on the link below for more information.

11 thoughts on “One more day to go!!!

  1. You look so cute- Penny says so too! We can’t wait to red your a-z posts. I am still doing some of the reading for our posts. I hope that kitty comes homes, I will say a prayer for Jaffa. XO

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  2. OMC You are lookin’ so cute. Me had one of those ledge trees like you do. But me was too big fur it and so when we got da cat tree, mommy took it down. Just cuz it almost fell everytime me wuld jump onit, me doesn’t know why mommy thought me had outgrown it. MOL Can’t wait to see yous challenge posties.

    Luv ya’


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