Bonus Post!!!

Simon here, 032316b

Toby is resting up for tomorrow’s post – but I have been busy. I’ve got tomorrow’s Caturday Art ready to go – that will be a Bonus Post also. And today is National Zoo Lover’s Day so I wanted to say something special about that! It is so nice that most zoos these days seek to keep the animals in environments similar to that of the wild. First a few (sad) photos from the zoos of old:


Here’s a view of some new zoos!!

What a difference an open heart toward non-human creatures makes!!

Here’s my contribution to National Zoo Day!!!

zoo day 1zoo day 2zoo day 3National-Zoo-Lovers-Day-April-8-1024x512



6 thoughts on “Bonus Post!!!

  1. Great zoo post SImon, Joanie is very proud of you. She says you look extra handsome today. I have never been to a zoo- isn’t that awful? I hope to go to The Bronx Zoo someday.

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