Sunday Selfie from BobbieSue

041016aIt’s my turn to take over the blog. I don’t know why Simon complains about his duty – there’s nothing to it. The first selfie is of me, but I got the itchies between my toes so I was  distracted then the timer went off.




Then I took Simon’s – he’s still huddled by the space heater ’cause of the Winter-That-Won’t-Say-Goodbye.










041016eThen while I was snoozing in a warm sunpuddle with Simon, bad ol’ Toby came by and pushed me out of the warmth. You can see me off to the side in the shadows.


041016cAlso, it seems I have a little tuxie relative that mom is feeding outside. Her name is PeggySue and she gets very close to mom but always runs away. Mom is determined to get her inside before the end of the summer!!


farm animal day apr 10And, finally, it’s National Farm Animal Day!! Human! Stop eating meat and save a farm animal today! Or at the very least petition to make sure those sacrificial animals live in a humane environment before they give up their lives for us!! Click on the badge to go to the facebook page!!


catonmyhead2 Sunday Selfies Blog Hop!!

19 thoughts on “Sunday Selfie from BobbieSue

  1. Millie says it is a good thing you live far away Toby or he would have to whap you for making his sweetie move out of the sun.. Great selfies. PeggySue is adorable, I will pray that she can be caught and settle in with all of you. I love that name, Peggy Sue Got married is my all time favorite movie.
    I tried to be a vegetarian in 2010, but only made it 10 months. I try not to eat much meat though, it is so sad how badly most are treated. XO

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  2. We hope you get Peggy Sue inside. We believe you will – we have learned that patience is the key. So we have to keep rminding ourselves to be patient * sigh * all the time. Dusty our newish senior needs our care and patience at the moment as winter is almost here!

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  3. Aaaaaaw BobbieSue you look just bootyful. And me thinks you oughtta push dat ole Toby right outta da way. Shame on him fur stealin’ your sun puddle in da furst place. Dat PeggySue sure is a cutey. We’s purrayin’ your mommy can get her inside. Me can’t furget to say dat altho’ Toby was rude, he and Simon be lookin’ good today too.

    Luv ya’


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  4. We had no idea yesterday was National Farm Animal Day. That sure was appropriate that we had a sheep for our selfie. Wish we’d known about the holiday. We don’t know how you three will feel about it, but we’ll be praying for your Mom to get PeggySue inside. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

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  5. Your selfies are all very beautiful, Bobbi Sue. Granny always fed the neighbour cats…and all the others that wanted to eat my food 😀 We don’t have National Farm Day here in the Netherlands, but we are all kind of vegetarian here in the house, we only eat meat sometimes. Healing Pawkisses to make your feet feel better soon 🙂 ❤

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