King Cole and King Tut

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K is for King Cole and King Tut

presidents today Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929) and Herbert Hoover (1929-1933)


King Cole

President Calvin Coolidge had a German Shepherd named King Cole. King Cole was a Belgian Groenendael (Sheepdog) who was a gift to the Coolidges. According to the Coolidge Foundation the breeder believed that the Coolidges should have every color dog there was. King Cole was a somewhat shy and skittish dog. He eventually went to live with a schoolteacher in Kentucky so that he could get the undivided attention the Coolidges felt he needed. (Representative photo.)



King Tut

President Herbert Hoover, one of the few single-term presidents we’ve had and by my calculations out of 44 presidents we’ve had 15 single-term  –I didn’t include the ones who died in office. Anyway, Hoover wasn’t doing well in the campaign as his supporters wanted so he had his photo taken with his Belgian Shepherd, King Tut. Once the photograph was circulated across the country, Hoover was widely accepted and voted into office.

King Tut  Herbert Hoover

Once Hoover moved into the WH King Tut patrolled the fence nightly, protecting his master from harm. He was overzealous in his perceived mission and became aggressive to the point of having to be muzzled. King Tut became stressed over the constant need to protect the WH and stopped eating. Eventually Hoover sent him away to a quiet home where he could recover. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to and died in late 1929 at the age of 8.king tut hhoover




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