Whew! A Day Off!

After some fussing I grabbed the blog back from Simon to post Sunday Selfies!!! The first picture is me doing a sleep selfie because I’m tired from this marathon blogging I’ve been doing.0424bI’m trying to get mom off the computer so I held on to her mouse.

0424cHere I am really trying to stop her so she can pet me and Simon while we nap. {Sigh} She just worked around me.

0424aAnd here is a bad shot of MerryBelle. It’s a zoomed and cropped. She’s been with us for a week now but remains mostly hidden from mom. Mom is happy if she sees her once a day to make sure she’s okay and those sightings are mostly zooms in the corner of her eye and MerryBelle doesn’t like mom to even look at her. Mom figures she is way more feral than she thought and she just has to be patient – even if it takes months. As long as she’s eating and using the potty box everything is fine. MerryBelle has tried to pick at the screen to get back outside. Mom doesn’t fuss she just closes the window. MerryBelle does follow BobbieSue around – and vice versa. It’s nice for BobbieSue to have a friend. We’ll keep you updated with her progress and maybe better photos!

I hope everybody has a nice Sunday! Mom has to work so I will miss spending the day with her but I’ll be sleeping so I’ll only miss her so much!

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