National Tabby Day!!!

058Finally a day to celebrate Tabbies! Speaking as a tabby myself – an anomaly among a house and extended family of black and grey cats – I am sorely outnumbered. But I don’t mind, not really. Part of being a tabby is standing out in a crowd!! For Caturday Art, I present a collage of Angel Tabbies that blessed mom with their presence in her life. Mom couldn’t find photos of two them so we used clip art representations. 


angel tabby day Collage.png



We are remembering  angel tabby, Cinco. Please go Here for condolences if you wish. 


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Zsa Zsa and Zoo-pets!

blog az title bannerZ is for Zsa Zsa and Pets that belonged in a Zoo that weren’t previously blogged about!

 presidents today Martin Van Buren (1837-1841), James Buchanan (1857-1861), Theodore Roosevelt (1901-1909) Calvin Coolidge (1923-1929), Richard Nixon (1969-1974), and Jimmy Carter (1977-1981).

Zsa Zsa
President John F. Kennedy was given a white rabbit named Zsa Zsa by a magician. The rabbit supposedly played the first five bars on the Star Spangled Banner on a gold trumpet and drank beer. She didn’t stay long at the WH; she was sent to an orphanage – maybe to entertain the poor orphans!
zsa zsa jfk

vintage illustration

Zoo Animals
President Martin Van Buren was given a pair of tiger cubs by the Sultan of Oman. Apparently Van Buren wanted to keep the cubs at the WH because Congress had to force him to donate them to the local zoo.
tiger cubs mvanburen

representative photo

President James Buchanan was given a “herd” of elephants by the King of Siam (Thailand). Once source says they never arrived because President Lincoln politely turned the gift down. Another source said the elephants when directly to the local zoo.  The President was also reported to have a pair of Bald Eagles but it is not known as to whether the eagles lived at the WH or the zoo.
bald eagle james buchannan

vintage illustration

President Theodore Roosevelt had numerous animals that belonged in a zoo. Some of them lived at the WH, others at his home in New York. He had a hyena, lion, coyote, zebra, barn owl, raccoon, five bears, flying squirrel and a wildcat.hyena trooseveltbarn owl theo rooseveltcolor vintage lion theo roos

zebra theo roosevelt

all vintage photos/illustrations

President Calvin Coolidge was given a pair of lion cubs by the Mayor of Johannesburg, South Africa. He named them Budget Bureau and Tax Reduction and sent them to the zoo. He also had a wallaby, a black bear, a duiker and a bobcat named Smokey.

lion cubs 2 cc

lion cubs  cc

Poor babies, they look miserable. These supposedly photos of the actual cubs.


Duiker, representative photo

smokey coolidge

Bobcat, representative photo


Wallaby – sort of a mini-kangaroo!

President Jimmy Carter’s daughter was gifted with an elephant by a Sri Lankan immigrant. The elephant was sent to the National Zoo.

Representative photo

President Richard Nixon probably got the coolest gift, er, loan of all! Thanks to him we have pandas in the National Zoo!! China sent pandas Ling-ling and Hsing-Hsing to the United States after Nixon’s historic visit to their country in 1972. Not really pets, per se, but then neither are bears, wallabies and lion or tiger cubs.

This is a photo of the pandas, but I don’t know which is which!

panda with pat nixon

First Lady Pat Nixon with the pandas


Well, that’s it!! That’s the end of this run and boy am I tired!! I hope you enjoyed this month of posts! I enjoyed researching and sharing all the information!  On my reflections post sometime in May I’m going to post some questions for you to answer – don’t worry – they’ll be easy!! My Caturday Art will be in a separate post!!!

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