Lap Drawer Wars

You all know how I love to sleep in the lap drawer of my mom’s desk – from there I can gaze up lovingly into her eyes.050316a


Sometimes Simon gets to the drawer before me but I don’t let it stop me! I just squeeze on in!



I do my best to spread out hopefully forcing Simon to move on.



But when he doesn’t, I just make the best of a tight situation and take a nap!



This blurry photo is MerryBelle. She’s still sneaking around but we are expecting her to come around sooner or later!


cbBadgeBlack300x300It’s a Blog Hop!!



11 thoughts on “Lap Drawer Wars

  1. Good job squeezing in Toby. Your Mom is lucky that you both want to be right next to her. I am glad MerryBelle is exploring, I bet she will come around soon too.


  2. Thats tight napping! TBT often leaves 2 dresser drawers one high one low) open with towels covering the contents. Sometimes we get in them (one per drawer) and sometimes we ignore them. But it is good to have them open cuz they are nicely cavelike.


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