Lap Drawer War – the Other Side

My turn today – Toby thinks he OWNS the lap drawer, and I do admit he has been sleeping there longer than me; HOWEVER, as the older and wiser of the two (and more beautiful of the two, may I add) AND usually the first one there, I DESERVE – nay – REQUIRE – the whole drawer to nap in.050416a


Instead I am relegated to sleeping with Toby’s BUTT in my face. Not a pleasant nap. Does he really think I enjoy sleeping with that orange floofy tail in my face?050416c


Well, as the more gracious of the two, I will always give in and leave him be. But don’t be sad for me – I spread myself out in the nearest sunpuddle!050416b


And what does Toby think of all this? Not a darn thing. 050416d


We are purring and praying for Zoey of Zoolatry. Her eyes are poorly and she has to take medicines to fix them. We love you Zoey!!Purrs and Prayers for ZOEY, Zoolatry BADGE







Tomorrow is May 5th – which will we be celebrating?  Cinco de Mayo or Honor Astronauts Day? Hmmm,so much possibility!!!