Super Cats to the rescue!!

Today is Free Comic Book Day – a day basically for comic book stores to sell more comic books after drawing customers in with a free one – but we couldn’t resist the cool badge so we made it a theme for today’s Caturday Art!!!

Free-Comic-Book-Day-1st-Saturday-in-May-768x384comic book 1comic book 2comic book 3

We’re Blog Hopping Today!!!

CaturdayArt1BlogHopButton150x150_zpsbe54d2dc Athena’s Caturday Art

cbBadgeBlack300x300  Cat Blogosphere

New Pet Parade button 200x200  Pet Parade


Tomorrow we will have a special Mother’s Day post to honor Ali, the mom of our cousins Frankie and Moose. It is the story of how they came into my Granmama’s life and how Ali sacrificed for them.

Mothers Day 5.8.2016


We are purring and praying for  Melita who is feeling poorly. . .

Purrs and Prayers for MELITA Badge Click here if you want to support Melita with kind thoughts and prayers.





Purring and praying for family of Bennette, who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. . .

Bennette FOREVER Badge Click here if you would like to send your condolences to Bennette’s family.





Purring and Praying for Dragon, who crossed The Rainbow Bridge. . .

Blue-belly-lizard  Please click here to offer condolences to Dragon’s young caregivers.



11 thoughts on “Super Cats to the rescue!!

  1. Toby, Joanie and Millie love your super heroes! And thank you for helping them to get me a Mother’s Day gift, you are all too sweet. XO Happy Mother’s Day to your wonderful Mom!


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