Reflections on my A-Z journey

A-to-Z Reflection [2016]

2016 reflectionsI know it’s been over a week since the Blogging A to Z Challenge ended but it’s time for my Reflections post before I put this kitten to bed until next year!

My Reflections on A – Z  and what I learned about our presidents.

This challenge was a bit hard for me  because there was so much information to sort through. I started reading and researching the first week in January and continued even up through the final post. I wanted to get as much information as I could and as accurately as I could. Believe it or not, there was a whole bunch of stuff I left out! Organization and Pre-Planning were key!! I would not have been able to this on the spur of the moment. I had formulated several calendars, spreadsheets, lots of documents, references and photos. I’m pretty sure I checked out over 50 books from the library just on presidents alone looking for information.  I don’t know that next year will be as in-depth as this one was; but who knows? I’m already thinking of ideas for next year!! (I know, I’m a glutton for punishment!)

031916 george washington

Here’s what I learned about presidents during this journey:

1.       Presidents need to be rich because they are far too busy to deal with the day-to-day care of their pets and have to hire people to do that for them.

2.       Presidents use pets to endear themselves to the citizens of the United States and that is wrong. Animals ought not to be used for human self-promotion or for ego boosters. Animals are sentient beings who have a right to be loved and wanted just for themselves not for what they can do for their caretaker.

3. Presidents are, in some ways, like the rest of you average humans. Some adored their pets and some ignored them. Some sacrificed for them, others couldn’t tolerate them and sent them off at the slightest mistake. 

4. Presidents shouldn’t have pets unless they are willing to do spend time with them every day, at least let them sleep with them, or at least provide a lap to sleep on for a little while. Just because we can’t talk to you humans in a way that you completely understand, it doesn’t mean we don’t get lonely when you are too busy for us.


031916 abe lincoln

I was going to have test questions but instead of taxing my brain or yours any longer, I just offer you some trivia:

Which President was talked about the most (in terms of the number of daily posts)?

     Theodore Roosevelt was #1 with 14 days.

Which President was second?

     Calvin Coolidge was #2 with 12 days.

Which President was mentioned the least?

     9 Presidents were mentioned on only one day

Which President was not mentioned at all?

      Chester A. Arthur

Which Presidential animal is the most popular?

     Dogs, by far, were mentioned on 23 days. Cats were only mentioned on 4 days.

 Who are my favorite Presidents based on these posts alone?

  Abraham Lincoln, a true cat lover (much to Mary Todd’s chagrin)

      John F. Kennedy, for setting aside his allergies so his kids could have pets.

George W. Bush for showcasing India as much as Barney and Miss Beazley.

  Who are your favorite Presidents – based on their pets alone?? (No politics allowed!)

I do want to thank everyone who read, liked and commented on my A to Z posts this year. I apologize if I didn’t get around to respond to each one of you individually – I appreciate all of your comments and likes so much. They meant a lot to me and made me love you all even more!!! Love, always, Toby.

031916 teddy roosevelt

An official apology

050916cThis is an official apology for the confusion my momma caused on Mother’s Day with our posts. I gave her a severe talking to about doing any changes to my  our blog without notifying us first! Even though it was to our benefit – I think. At first I thought she was having a grieving moment over Angel LadyBird and wanted to wipe her out. But she reassured me that it was not the case. LadyBird will always be a part of this blog but she isn’t sure if Providence will bless her with another dog or not – but in the meantime she has a house full of felines and she thought the ‘doggiecaperz’ website might be confusing for all the cat blogs we visit.

So, if you missed our Mother’s Day post because of the confusion, here’s a link to it so you can enjoy “A Kitten Story.”

You can be sure the error won’t happen again – especially after Simon and I gave mom the STINK EYE over it!050916a


050916dFrankie update:  He’s hanging in there but still needs your prayers for an blessedly sweet passing. He still eats a little several times a day and follows Granmama around like he always has. He doesn’t meow any more but that may be because of the tumor in his throat. Granmama is keeping a watchful eye on him and if he wants her to help him cross the Bridge, she is sure he will let her know. We thank you for your prayers for him.


Granmama’s baby