An official apology

050916cThis is an official apology for the confusion my momma caused on Mother’s Day with our posts. I gave her a severe talking to about doing any changes to my  our blog without notifying us first! Even though it was to our benefit – I think. At first I thought she was having a grieving moment over Angel LadyBird and wanted to wipe her out. But she reassured me that it was not the case. LadyBird will always be a part of this blog but she isn’t sure if Providence will bless her with another dog or not – but in the meantime she has a house full of felines and she thought the ‘doggiecaperz’ website might be confusing for all the cat blogs we visit.

So, if you missed our Mother’s Day post because of the confusion, here’s a link to it so you can enjoy “A Kitten Story.”

You can be sure the error won’t happen again – especially after Simon and I gave mom the STINK EYE over it!050916a


050916dFrankie update:  He’s hanging in there but still needs your prayers for an blessedly sweet passing. He still eats a little several times a day and follows Granmama around like he always has. He doesn’t meow any more but that may be because of the tumor in his throat. Granmama is keeping a watchful eye on him and if he wants her to help him cross the Bridge, she is sure he will let her know. We thank you for your prayers for him.


Granmama’s baby

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