I was too quick to take the blame.

Well, this is where mom caught me yesterday morning on her way out the door. I’m not allowed on the kitchen counters but after yesterday’s post I was feeling a little defiant. Then as she left the kitchen she looked UP and what  WHO did she see?IMG_2513


That’s right – trying to sneak quietly away, but BobbieSue!!! I think it was that pesky BobbieSue who knocked over the mixing bowl but she’s not getting her name in the title!!IMG_2512

We guessed WRONG in Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser yesterday but we got the Greenie Badge!! At least we got the country right!!


We are praying and purring for Tanya’s family as she crossed the Bridge. Please go HERE if you wish to send condolences.

12 aug tanyapot1


cbBadgeBlack300x300We’re blog hopping!!

Enjoy your day!!